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Courthouse Hill Farm
Wild Blueberries
For over 60 years we have been growing, harvesting and selling premium Wild Blueberries.  We take pride in offering our customers delicious and nutritious wild blueberry products year round. 
Growing & Harvesting
Our family farm manages 400 acre's of Wild blueberry fields located in Gore and on the coast of the Bay of Fundy in Port Greville.
Fields are harvested bi-annually to increase yield and improve the crop from one year to the next.  Harvesting the crops happens both by hand raking and mechanical harvesters.  
Processing & Packaging
We process and package our blueberries on a traditional pack-line that removes any leaves and debris.
Once cleaned and packaged, we either send to the local Farmer Markets, to the freezer for future use or for further product development. 


Selling our Blueberries


Our berries are sold to Oxford Frozen Foods, at local farmers markets in Halifax and also here online.
Product Development
Through our Farmers Market and online sales, our customers have demanded new products. 
Over the year we have created a unique Wild Blueberry product line offering product such as jams, juices, baked goods, wine, and smoothies.  See view and purchase these products, click the following link. 
We are continuously working on our Blueberry product line  to offer our customers the best local quality.  You can check out products  for sale by clicking on the shop button below. 
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