Courthouse Hill Farm Beef  & Dairy Products

Our family continues to follow through on its tradition of producing only the highest standards of meat products.   Our farm has been producing grass-fed, hormone &  meats, sustainably and ethically raised through gentle farming techniques that are trusted by our customers. 

Courthouse Hill farm promises to deliver excellent cuts of grade A quality meats each and everytime. Our meat products are cured for 3 weeks in a cooler for taste, then packed and vacuum-sealed ready for your freezer.

 All our beef is cut by local butcher- Withrow's Meat Market in Belman, NS.  

*Please note our farm offers both fresh and newly frozen cuts of meat- however for pick up at the Seaport Market, any and all available cuts of meat will be frozen. 

We are currently offering various weights of packaged Ground Beef. 
Other meat varieties to be offered soon- Stay tuned! 
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