Dairy & Beef

Dairy & Beef


Dairy and Beef farming has been a key part of our growth for hundreds of years.  This is why we take pride in nurturing the relationship we have with our animals since they have nurtured us.  


We grow our own crops to provide the cows with the proper nutrition while housing them in barns and pastures that keep them warm, comfortable and happy, year-round.  By focusing on animal welfare and nutrition, we foster healthy cows and in turn, produce quality products.  

Our Herd

We have 150 Holstein Friesians, which are milked twice per day with our milk shipped to Agropur and sold through Atlantic Canada. 

Dairy Team

Our dairy team consists of both family members and other professionals who are milkers, herdsmen/women and a calf care taker.  They have extensive experience in handling cows gently and managing milk quality. 



Dairy Products


The milk we produce is shipped to Agropur Dairy in Bedford Nova Scotia, where it is processed and sold throughout Atlantic Canada.  This milk gets processed into fluid, creams, ince-cream, yougart, and cheese, butter and chocolate!



Our beef comes from a grass fed herd that is jointly managed by Courthouse Hill Farm in Gore and Round Barn Farm (owned by Beau Blois) in Old Barns.

We have many years experience growing beef cows and take a lot of pride in providing our customers with a natural and premium beef. 

Beef Breeds 

We specialize in Black Angus beef along with Charlay, Waygu, Semital and Holstein.  Each of our main beef herds runs in open pastures that we rotational graze to optimum cow health and nutrition.  

Traditional Growing Practices

By using grass fed feeding practices and maintaining the pastures, our herd is slowly grown which helps us achieve consistent taste, texture and marbling in all beef cows.


Our beef is processed at certified meat shops, and hung for at least 2 to 3 weeks to help make beef tender. 

Beef Cuts & Packaging

Local butchers cut up and vacuum package our beef so its ready for your deliver and for long term storage.
We offer a variety of beef cuts and can customize your order as requested.
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