Courthouse Hill Farm 

Courthouse Hill Farm is an eighth generation farm run by the Blois family located in Gore, Nova Scotia.  Our farm has a diversified operation specializing in Dairy & Beef, Wild Blueberries, Forestry, Events & Activities, and Bio-Gas electricity.  


In 1784 the Blois family migrated from France and established on a 4-acre block of land in Gore.  Our ancestors first started growing crops and forestry farming to provide for their families. 

Over the years the Blois family grew and so did the farm.  Today, there are nine generations on Courthouse Hill Farm and the farm has grown to one of the most diverse farms in Canada.

Origin of our Farm Name, Courthouse Hill Farm

The community built a Courthouse on the peak of the largest hill in Gore back in 1850, where it stood for almost one hundred years.  

In 1954, the Courthouse burnt down and our family and a few years later, our family decided to name our farm, Courthouse Hill Farm. 

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Courthouse Hill Farm circa 1930's

Courthouse Farm land circa 1930's.